Diploma of Community Services (Case Management)

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The Diploma of Community Services (Case Management) is ideal for gaining the necessary skill sets for a profession in the Community Services sector. You can become an advocate in areas such as family welfare, community health, employment services and disability services. The responsibilities of Case Managers are diverse in nature but generally include duties such as the implementation of service programs, the evaluation and assessment of client needs, and coordinating referral processes.

Our Diploma of Community Services (Case Management) has been developed to meet with a very high standard of education. We utilise the resources of leading authors and texts in the community services field from around the world. As such, our Diploma examines most of the prominent models and approaches used in the industry today.

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This course is an Australian nationally recognised award (government accredited). Graduates of this course may be eligible for academic credit into like courses, including into higher education courses, delivered by Australian education providers. Either: Completed Schooling/ Year 12 (Australian equivalent); Or, have at least 3 years of sufficient life experience (work or study), if over 21 years of age. This course is delivered in English language. Graduates will gain the necessary skill sets for a profession in the Community Services sector. Graduates will be able to act as advocates in areas such as family welfare, community health, employment services and disability services. Graduates will be to implement service programs, evaluate and assess client needs, and coordinate referral processes.

Course Structure

Unit Code Unit Title

This unit focuses on developing students understanding of how the delivery of services impacts clients from a range of backgrounds, and how to plan appropriately within the service.

Students will obtain the ability to develop and implement case management processes to allow for planning, monitoring and reviewing for effective service provision.

This unit focuses on developing networks, service delivery and improving your professional practice.

This unit provides students with the knowledge and skills required to formally advocate for clients within the service.

Students learn how to review the developmental status of their clients using appropriate language, questions and documentation.

This units provides the relevant knowledge for developing appropriate service plans, based on client needs.

In this unit, students will learn how to determine a range of suitable services to address diverse client needs, through client assessment and liaising with specialists.

Students will gain the skills and knowledge to coordinate a multitude of services, based on individual client needs.

This unit allows students to learn how to work within a leadership capacity within a case management capacity, including providing advice on the delivery of service to clients and working through continuous improvement practices.

Students will gain the relevant skills and knowledge through this unit to provide support to colleagues within a service, including managing their health and safety and taking action where appropriate.

This unit allows students with the ability to evaluate and promote diversity within a service, and manage and contribute to workplace diversity policies and practices.

Students learn how to identify and develop communication practices within a service, to clients and with external support networks.

This unit focuses on understanding, developing and monitoring legal, ethical and compliance issues within a service.

Working under Workplace Health and Safety legislation, this unit outlines how to establish, maintain and evaluate Workplace Health and Safety policies and procedures.

This unit provides the relevant skills and knowledge to develop programs and services to meet the needs of clients.

Students will learn how to evaluate their own professional development through evaluation and reflection practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can enrol yourself online via the Enrol Now button on this webpage; or you can use the Request A Course Guide form and a course advisor will contact you to assist you. There are no prerequisites required to study this course. You just need to meet the course entry requirements, detailed above, and have adequate English language ability. Upon graduation of this course you will receive an official document identifying that you have completed the Australian accredited qualification. You will also receive a Transcript of Academic Record, which details each of the accredited Units within the course.

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