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Become an AEM Education Agent

Dear Education Agent,

The Australian Education Market (AEM) is Australia’s fastest growing marketplace for accredited Australian education courses.

Via AEM, students can enrol in Australian courses and study remotely from home. They no longer need to travel to Australia to get an Australian education.

    As an AEM Education Agent, you can:

  • Sell Australian courses to applicants that are not able to travel to Australia.
  • Earn generous commissions, with much less work.
  • Get paid sooner, with a vastly shortened sales timeline (application to commission).
  • Sell courses to your large “unconverted” database of applicants.
  • Join Australia’s fastest growing education marketplace.

Traditionally, having to get students to travel to Australia to undertake study is a long and costly sales process. Via AEM, students can now study some of Australia’s most highly regarded courses, remotely from their home. This simplifies and shortens the sales process, ensuring your students are placed, and you receive commissions, much more quickly.

To learn more, please submit your expression of interest now.