All courses on the Australian Education Market are delivered online through the AEM eLearning Platform. Once you are enrolled in your course you will provided with unique login credentials to the AEM eLearning Platform, which is where you access all your course material and support services. All course providers on the Australian Education Market provide students with extensive support services. These services are detailed within your eLearning Platform. Some courses contain practical assessments and/or work placements. Practical assessments can be undertaken online (via Skype) or by video recording and uploading to the eLearning Platform. Work placements can be undertaken with a placement organisation approved by your course training provider. The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) defines the different levels within the Australian education system. Post-school qualifications include certificate (1 to 4), diploma, advanced diploma, bachelor degree, graduate certificate/diploma, masters and PhD. You can learn more about the AQF here. All courses and support services on the Australian Education Market are delivered in English language. Students are expected to be competent in written and verbal English language and literacy. Applicants should check the specific entry requirements for their course of interest prior to making application. Courses are assessed using a variety of methods. Most courses will include short written answers and essays. Some courses also include practical assessments and/or work placements. The Student Handbook of your course provider will contain information on how the provider treats failed assessments and units.
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