Tax invoices for your tuition fee payments can be accessed at any time via the "My Accounts" section of your logged-on "My Profile" page.

AEM’s automated billing system runs a daily routine to process due tuition fees. When a payment is declined (declined payments can occur as a result of an expired credit card, insufficient funds, an authorisation issue with the bank, or simply a temporary communication error between the payment gateway and your banking institution), our system automatically sends out an email notification letting you know we've had a problem.

If you've received a notification, please login to your account to check if your payment details are up-to-date (including the expiry date). You can do this via the "My Accounts" section of your "My Profile" page. If you would like the payment re-processed (i.e. you do not think there is a problem with your account), you do not need to take any action as this occurs automatically – if the payment is declined again, our system will email another notification.

You only have access to your course whilst your tuition fees are up to date. If your tuition falls in arrears you will be notified by email. You may be eligible for a refund if you meet the criteria set out in the Student Handbook of your course provider. When your account is suspended, you can still log in to your eLearning Portal, but can no longer access your course content. To renew your access, you can update your payment details and process any due payments. You can do this via the "My Accounts" section of your "My Profile" page.
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