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Your individual Australian Education Market account provides you with access to a range of resources and services, including courses, units, specialisations, assessments, videos, tax invoices, your student dashboard, and more, via the Australian Education Market eLearning portal.

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Enrolment into and access to, courses, units and specialisations is only available while you are a financial student. If you fail to pay your tuition or your tuition fees become in arrears, you will not be able to access courses.
Video content is provided by external content providers. Australian Education Market does its best to review video content and its relevance for students; however, due to the volume of submissions, we do not review submitted videos in full. It is therefore the responsibility of the independent content provider to ensure content is relevant and of an appropriate standard prior to it being submitting for publishing by Australian Education Market. Nonetheless, Australian Education Market will strive to make the highest quality of video content available to students. To cancel your enrolment in a Australian Education Market course, unit or specialisation, you must follow the cancellation procedure outlined in the Australian Education Market Student Handbook. The Australian Education Market Refund Policy is outlined in the Australian Education Market Student Handbook.
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