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Coaching is one of the fastest growth professions around the world. Coaches apply their skills to optimise the outcomes of individuals, executives, organisations and teams.

Life Coaching Institute is one of the largest specialist Coaching providers in Australia, having trained thousands of coaches over the past 12-years.

In this course you will learn effective coaching models, including how to maximise human and organisational performance. You’ll learn structured coaching frameworks, how to facilitate change, advanced communication skills and cognitive approaches to coaching.  As a graduate you will be able to effectively coach individuals, teams and organisations.

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This course is an Australian nationally recognised award (government accredited). Graduates of this course may be eligible for academic credit into like courses, including into higher education courses, delivered by Australian education providers. Either: Completed Schooling/ Year 12 (Australian equivalent); Or, have at least 3 years of sufficient life experience (work or study), if over 21 years of age. This course is delivered in English language. This course will teach you effective coaching models, including how to maximise human and business performance. You’ll learn structured coaching frameworks, how to facilitate change, advanced communication skills and cognitive approaches to coaching. Graduates will be able to effectively coach individuals and business.

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Introduces the process of life coaching and differentiates the role of the Life Coach from the role of professionals in related fields. Relevant speciality areas are highlighted and the ethical responsibilities of the Coach are examined. Client rights are explored and ethical codes of practice are considered.

The Life Coaching model is introduced and the mechanisms for facilitating client change are covered. The process of Life Coaching is examined from initial contact with the client through to final session and case closure.

An introduction to the basic communication processes required for effective facilitation of the coach-client relationship. Communication barriers and the stages of an interview are examined and applied in a coaching interview to ensure coach-client communication is effective.

Explores the application of Neuro Linguistic Programming and the Cognitive Behaviour approach to Life Coaching. The strengths and limitations of each approach are considered and their suitability in meeting specific client needs is examined through application to a range of case study examples.

Continues the coverage of Life Coaching approaches by exploring the application of Narrative and Solution Focused approaches to Life Coaching. Once again, the strengths and limitations of each approach are considered, along with suitability in meeting individual client needs.

Evaluating, reflecting on and continually improving your services as a Coach is a necessary aspect of your coaching business. You will learn how to manage your ongoing professional and personal development. A self development plan is formulated and strategies are devised to encourage continual evaluation and awareness of coaching skills.

Provides an overview of the specialty areas of Life Coaching including Executive Coaching, Business Coaching, Workplace Coaching, Health & Wellness Coaching, Life Cycle Coaching and Career Coaching. The role of the specialty coach, together with the likely contexts and goals of each speciality area are explored.

The focus is on getting your back office in order which is an important requirement of establishing and operating a successful coaching business. You will learn how to set up and manage important legal and administrative requirements to own and operate a successful business.

Covers the fundamental research and development principles of an integrated business plan which includes defining your coaching products, researching your chosen area of specialty and completing a detailed Strength and Opportunities analysis - all of which are essential to positioning yourself in the market and developing a successful coaching business. You will develop an integrated business plan that incorporates your Vision, Mission and unique skills as a coach.

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You can enrol yourself online via the Enrol Now button on this webpage; or you can use the Request A Course Guide form and a course advisor will contact you to assist you. There are no prerequisites required to study this course. You just need to meet the course entry requirements, detailed above, and have adequate English language ability. Upon graduation of this course you will receive an official document identifying that you have completed the Australian accredited qualification. You will also receive a Transcript of Academic Record, which details each of the accredited Units within the course.

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