Become an AEM Training Provider

Dear Provider,

Australian education is Australia’s third-largest export after coal and iron ore, and is the largest services export, well ahead of tourism.

The Australian education export market is worth over $20 billion, having grown over 50% in the last decade and over 13% in 2015 alone.

Whilst most providers recognise the vast opportunity that vests in the international markets, the logistics and nuisances of accessing the markets present a significant barrier.

Not any more

The Australian Education Market (AEM) is an international marketplace for Australian accredited courses. AEM provider Australian education providers with an end-to-end fully turnkey solution to access the lucrative international education markets.

    The AEM marketplace provides education providers with:

  • Turnkey access to the largest and fastest growing education markets in the world.
  • Automated currency exchange and payment processing
  • Data handling, including AVETMISS data catchment
  • Learning Management System to deliver courses remotely
  • Marketing training and support (including social media and search marketing)
  • Full level reporting across education, finance, administration and management
  • Global network of international education agents
  • Plus much more

The domestic education market is crowded and highly competitive. Growth for Australian education providers vests in the international markets where students are hungry to access our education products. AEM provides an extremely simple, turnkey access to these markets and consumers.

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